EVE-NG Preview/Alpha Released



  • What’s inside EVE-NG Preview/Alpha



We are proud to present the anticipated EVE-NG preview/alpha release to the public.


Q: When in HTML5 console, I click on disconnect and got into a guacamole login page and can’t get any sessions in HTML5 now. Panic.

A: Logout/Login from/
into eve to be able to open html console again.


Q: How to trun on/off UKSM and how to see if it is on or off?

A: Check if UKSM enable or not in the status screen. Type bellow commands in Ubuntu CLI

echo 0 > /sys/kernel/mm/uksm/run (to disable)

echo 1 > /sys/kernel/mm/uksm/run (to enable)


Q: How to upgrade my EVE?

A: run those commands:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade


Q: How to migrate from UNL to EVE? Is upgarde possible?

A: No. The only way is backup all images, labs etc from UNL, Install fresh EVE from ISO or OVA and move backup from UNL to EVE.


Q: Why my wireshark doesn’ work?

A: You need to edit C:\Program Files\UNetLab\wireshark_wrapper.bat file and edit root password to match one you use.


Q: Starting more then 10 CSR gives CPU HOG. What to do?

A: UKSM is good for 10 CSR, if you want to launch more than 10 CSR, disable UKSM


Features of this release

– Current release version : 2.0.2-19

– Base upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and new kernel

– UKSM implementation

– Brand new Home screen

– Improved OLD lab layout UI from UNL (New LAB layout will be presented in later releases)

  • Color change for stopped and running node
  • HTML5 implementation for telnet,vnc and rdp (will be presented in Video HowTo)
  • Color change for stopped and running node
  • Nice square grid
  • Various bug fixes

– Native RDP for Windows is now supported for the first time in a lab platform

– New images

  • Cisco FirePower 6
  • Juniper vQFX
  • Juniper vMX 15.X and 16.X versions
  • CUCM (How to will be added in future)
  • NX-OSv 9k
  • Separated templates for CSR 3.X and CSR Denali/Everest
  • VPCS fixes and more


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